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Pionin Anti-Acne

Pionin Anti-Acne Pionin Anti-Acne

Over-thick cuticles and excessive sebum will clog up skin pores, this will lead to appearance of acnes and inflammation. Even when acnes have been healed, blemishes and melanin sediments may be left.

JOSERISTINE Pionin Anti-Acne Series applies the powerful ingredient, Pionin, which combats acne-inducing Propionibacteria effectively. Pionin controls excessive sebum and pore clogging in order to heal acnes and prevent their appearance.

JOSERISTINE Pionin Anti-Acne Series includes 4 steps of products for oily and acne skin types: Anti-Acne Deep Cleansing Gel, Anti-Acne Clarifying Toner, Anti-Acne Spot Treatment and Anti-Acne Refreshing Emulsion. 

For intensive acne care, Anti-Acne Spot Treatment should be applied on affected area. The other 3 products are strongly suggested in the regular skincare regime for preventive care even after blemishes are cleared. 

The series actively reduces bacteria and stops them spreading to other parts of skin to prevent them from recurrence. And they also prevent redness and fade blemishes.

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